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2018 EVENT


As part of the global movement to celebrate the international days, Gift Women Link Foundation (GWLF) Uganda ( conducted a career guidance workshop with 50 Youth from Western part of Uganda to attend the event.

The event was held at African Ark College of Management Sciences.

The event started off by giving a brief overview about the Youth in ICT event and why it is celebrated. There was also a video session, where participants see recordings of different GWLF partners in tech talking about themselves (what they studied, what they do in terms of jobs, words of encouragement to upcoming women and Youth in technology).

After break time, participants were trained in computer basics, internet use and social media systems for improved learning, health and sustainable development.

Later in the day there was a session for questions and answers, a more engaging session, where Youth freely asked as many questions as possible. A panel of young GWLF in tech including System Administrators, Software Engineers, Network Administrators, Techpreneurs, Website developers were available and answered all the questions raised by the Youth.

The giveaways to some Youth during the challenge activity included t-shirts branded with the Youth in ICT logo, donor logo. All participants received T-Shirts, note books, pens and nicely ate food.

The radio program switched on before and after the event. This created community awareness as well as disseminating information to youth across the world.



Event Goal

Ø    To empower young women and Youth of Kasese district through information and communication technologies.

Event Objectives

Ø    To provide basic computer skills including internet operation for Youth.

Ø    To produce and broadcast radio program on Youth and women empowerment on weekly basis through local Radio Station.

Ø    To provide knowledge and skill on Youth health, e-learning and e-commerce for a sustainable future.

Ø    To facilitate academically deserving and economically underprivileged young women and Youth to pursue their studies in ICT.

Ø    To create a more interactive free environment to the young Youth, so we deliberately opted for young techpreneurs and other engineers (below 25) who the Youth could easily relate with, to inspire them with their testimonials about their experiences and startups.


  • Illiteracy in Youth/women Kasese Uganda 

  • Poor cultures on Youth Education needs.

  • Lack of enough training facilities more especially computers

  • No established computer centre for instant practical’s.

  • Most Youth have reproductive health problems

  • Inadequate funding


The obstacles;


  • No established computer centre for instant practical’s.

  • Limited funds to facilitate instant training materials.

  • Increased number of participants where we planned only 50 but we ended up training with 110.



  • We followed our budget line

  • We discussed well with suppliers

  • We used local human and non human resources

  • Used local and English languages in training girls

Participant’s recommendations during evaluation and Discussion


There were the following needs

  1. Girls recommended that we sustain the event by providing Girls computer space and training centre to boost Girls education in ICT.

  1. To procure computers, hardware’s to ensure that ICT is availed to girls fully.

  1. There was need to training girls in credit and savings to improve on girl’s education in order to tape higher education, incomes and for women to save to become rich as well as micro finance funds.

IV.    Girls need ICT project or one ICT centre that will sustain the skills gained.




Girls and women request Board of Directors and Donors for event expansion into an ICT Centre project which will have more computers and more hardware for ICT skills sustainability.



We thank Board of Directors, International Volunteers, International Telecommunication Union, local council members, invited guests and foundation members for the commitment you have made towards developing Gift Women Link Foundation in Kasese, Uganda.


Wish you all the best 2018.

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