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The Vulnerable Children Digital Home (VCDH) proposal articulates a compelling vision, that will enable Kasese to through the centre, play a pivotal role in assisting the Vulnerable Children, Private, Businesses, communities, youth, Non and government schools  to define, develop and deliver its programmes and facilitate development based on the new Information Communication Technology (ICT’s) strategy(ies) and so facilitate business opportunities that is unrivalled in the 21st century.

The centre will be a place where the next generation is educated, trained and skilled to take positions at all levels of development required by the 21st century businesses and entrepreneurship. The centre will be socially inclusive and accessible to the citizens of the Region to participate in building the cultural diversity of our society.

Gift Women Link Foundation - Vulnerable children digital home (VCDH) project is a bold vision for broad -partnership and catalyst for global education, businesses and competitiveness.


In these era of Information and communication advancement ICT has become a  major tool in fostering development in the all sector across the globe access to fast and reliable source of information is vital for socio-economic development of the nation, it fasten the delivery and access of information and decision can be made faster e.g. providing training and capacity building, in trade and industry processing orders, submitting report in the management information systems, managing health delivery services  and offering an online and software based training to learners.

Access to reliable source of information is major problem not only in Kasese but also other areas of Uganda and the world, digital divide is very wide in least developed country like Uganda and thus Kasese becomes most affected because of its isolation and is also characterized by game reserves and forested areas, its vastness and positioning makes it inaccessible with service delivery though its an entry point to most popular Queen Elizabeth national park and Rwenzori parks in Uganda, yet it’s having very few facilities and not even one of the type ICT in all the sub regions of Rwenzori Districts.

GIFT WOMEN LINK FOUNDATION thought it wise to envision a Regional ICT training and information space where people can obtain instant access entry point to the world using Wimax or wireless internet connection, knowledge and information Centre where young school children, Women, OVC, grandaunt, groups and stakeholders can come and share, discuss, dialogue train and learn many ideas on ICT and its applications.



- Improve on education standards, research systems.

- Create jobs for the youths.


- Empower the youths especially female to objectively discuss, advocate, dialogue and claim for visibility and influence in the decision affecting their lives politically social and physically.


-- To facilitate increased access to information and knowledge sharing through partnership networking and collaboration.

-  Facilitating easy access to information delivery through internet based services; messaging, MMS services, video conferencing and online learning centre.

- Improving the quality of life of urban and rural youths through sharing experience, software application and online learning, social networking.


- The underserved vulnerable children, youths and women across the district and beyond.

- To meet the needs of growing education systems, businesses in and around the district.

- 14-60 children, OVC, Women, Graduate and under graduate youths between the ages of 23-42 years shall be the direct beneficiaries and other beneficiary shall be the farmer, business groups seeking new opportunities for their products and indirect beneficiaries shall be the district officials NGOs and any other person seeking knowledge and information sharing.



The complex which will be referred to as “The Digital Village” shall have facilities such as:

- Computers and Printers for Training and Internet Access.

- Source of alternative Power supply (Solar).

- Manpower Operators.

- 24 Hours Access and opens at 8:00am.

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