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Event theme: “Breaking digital divide in Uganda”
Event Title: Girls in ICT 2017

Event Goal
To empower young women and girls of Kasese district through information and communication technologies.



As part of the global movement to celebrate the international girls in ICT day, Gift Women Link Foundation (GWLF) Uganda ( held a career guidance workshop with 70 girls from Western part of Uganda to attend the event.
The event were held at African Ark College of Management Sciences. The girls who attended the event were between the ages of 14 and 25.

The event started off by giving a brief overview about the Girls in ICT event and why it is celebrated worldwide. There was also a video session, where participants saw recordings of different GWLF partners in tech talking about themselves (what they studied, what they do in terms of jobs, words of encouragement to upcoming women and girls in technology).

The event video was taken to show each of them explaining about a specific career in ICT today. This was specifically to motivate the girls and to expose them to the various career options in ICT in order to transform Kasese.
After break time, participants were trained in computer basics, internet use and social media systems for improved learning, health and sustainable development.

Later in the day there was a session for questions and answers, a more engaging session, where girls freely asked as many questions as possible. A panel of young GWLF in tech including System Administrators, Software Engineers, Network Administrators, Techpreneurs, Website developers were available and answered all the questions raised by the girls.

The giveaways to some girls during the challenge activity included t-shirts branded with the Girls in ICT logo, giving way and foundation logo. The girls receive note books and pens.
Event Objectives

  • To provide basic computer skills including internet operation for girls.

  • To produce and broadcast radio program on girls and women empowerment on weekly basis through local Radio Station.

  • To provide knowledge and skill on girls health, e-learning and e-commerce for a sustainable future.

  • To facilitate academically deserving and economically underprivileged young women and girls to pursue their studies in ICT.

  • To create a more interactive free environment to the young girls, so we deliberately opted for young techpreneurs and other engineers (below 25) who the girls could easily relate with, to inspire them with their testimonials about their experiences and startups.

Target Group
All the girls between the ages of 14 and 25 and women in rural area deprived from information and communication technology was targeted by the event for empowerment. The 70 girls and Women got skills and knowledge in ICT for quality production in order to get employment and development among themselves. Girls/Women now have access to internet




The achievements were:

  1. New technology increased communication among participants.

  2. The 70 Girls/Women achieved skills in ICT.

  3. Women have information on poverty reduction by technology.

  4. The event has created employment stability and will make Girls/women fulltime on work and this will reduce HIV/AIDS in girls/women.

  5. Self-vocational employment capabilities for over 70 girls/women now knows computer applications.

  6. E-learning skills using search engines like Google have been event recorded achievement.

  7. The event has ensured that there is Increase girl child education and women to provide fees and protect their children (girls) through income generating projects.

  8. Promotion of Girls/women’s rights through information technology.


  1. Illiteracy in Girls/women Kasese Uganda

  2. Poor cultures on Girls Education needs.

  3. Lack of enough training facilities more especially computers

  4. No established computer centre for instant practical’s.

  5. Some girls were with reproductive health problems

Girls and women request our partners, Fundraisers, Donors for event expansion to other communities for ICT skills sustainability.

Special Thanks
We thank International Telecommunication Union, Kasese Municipal council, Giving Way Platform and members for the commitment you have made towards developing Gift Women Link Foundation in Kasese, Uganda.
Wish you all the best 2017.

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