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Our Wake project aims to empower women through basic literacy (IW) and ICT literacy (LW). By attending two specific courses, young women learn through technology, in the case of illiterate women, the first bases of reading, writing and accounting and, in the case of literate women, computer bases (use of the PC and main practical applications).
Technology in both groups has the main objective of supporting, motivating and deepening the learning ability and attention that can be fragmented in people who are not used to being in the classroom. The outputs are: proven familiarity with reading, writing and accounting for the IW group, proven familiarity with reading, writing, internet use and practical applications via PC for the LW group.

The computer lab has been established at Fura private school founded in 2019 in the Kasese district with a goal is to enrich the knowledge of 50 rural women from Kasese and open up opportunities on demanding issues, such as livelihood, finances, health care and preparation for natural, not uncommon disasters in Uganda. The social background of women that will be selected to participate in this project will be the poor women, the single and young mothers and the women deprived from schooling and from the information. Some of these women live in villages where there is no electricity, roads and running water.
The project is managed and monitored by self motivated internal project Staff who are also be responsible for selecting the beneficiaries of the project and all its main phases.

Women Empowerment is the main challenge: it means their capacity to participate as equal partners in cultural, social, economic, and political systems of a society.

ICT and alphabetization are the most important pillars for a real change for women. ICT will empower literate women (LW) with more information services, and indeed with more voice in public affairs. In parallel illiterate women (IW) will be helped to read and write and can be made able to do simple mathematical calculations so that they are not easily deceived by others . The challenge is against the whole illiteracy of Ugandan women.




Established the necessary capacity of literate women to use and manage basic IT elements, including Internet basic applications.

Assessed the necessary ability of illiterate women to write, read at a basic level and to do simple mathematic calculations and internet use.

Organized 2 mother groups for literate and illiterate women as tutors now.


Kibaba Gloria
Am aged 31 without husband but 2 children. While at Gift Women Link Foundation I feel home because of the nice computer lessons underway with wake project. I had never touched a computer but now I can connect, boot, process documents and print a budget. Fura Institute feels like a community with faculty that care about the student as an individual person involved in that community, not just another number in the crowd. Honestly, I do not know of any other organisation that makes you feel more at home than Gift Women Link Foundation.



               Mbabazi Marion
If I had to make the choice all over again I would choose Gift Women Link Foundation because of the ICT for women project ongoing. Whether a student is in a separate Lecture room, all of the staff and mother-group are on your side and want to see you succeed. It's nice to be at an institution where you are able to have good Christian fellowship with professionals. Fura Institute is blessed to have such dedicated, talented, and Godly people serving the Institute from Gift Women Link Foundation because I can now connect, boot, process lists, print budgets and manage secretarial tasks. I remain Mbabazi Marion single mother.

Ithungu Elizabeth
Am Ithungu Elizabeth aged 21, in this Global pandemic I chose Fura Institute of Gift Women Link Foundation because of the many options it offers for combining ICT for women and Entrepreneurship unlike other fields. There is a great sense of business community within both the organisation and the entire campus, and all of my trainers have been wonderful about offering advice throughout ICT career.

In many cases, computer education is far from what it should actually be. Instead, it is nothing but soul crushing to young spirits.

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