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In Sub-Saharan Africa, young women are underrepresented in VET, have higher unemployment and NEET rates and experience
additional barriers to enter the labour market. Women often lack socio-emotional skills to succeed as entrepreneurs. Moreover, their businesses tend to perform worse and they are less engaged in tourism and hospitality, which is considered a forward-looking economic sector.


Building on this context, WITH aims at reinforcing the personal and social competences and the entrepreneurial mindset of young women, thus contributing to skill a new generation of climate and sustainability conscious women intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners operating in sustainable tourism and hospitality in Sub-Saharan African countries. In that sense,


WITH will pursue the following specific objectives: - Empower young women on the soft skills and personal and social competences to succeed as intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners in the tourism and hospitality industry. - Support trainers and educators in updating their knowledge and practices aligned with labour market needs and international practices, and in acquiring new pedagogical methods to deliver experiential learning opportunities. - Introduce, promote and raise awareness on the concept of sustainable tourism and hospitality, thus helping to skill future professionals, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners to be agents for sustainable development.

- Boost the definition of demand-oriented and competence-based pathways and increase experiential learning opportunities through reinforced links between public and private institutions active in VET and in the labour market.

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WITH: Boosting Women Entrepreneurship Education In Tourism and Hospitality in Sub-Saharan Africa

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