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Goal: To educate and rise up awareness about MTCT risks and mitigation in most affected Kasese district communities.

In this aim, the GWLF will build capacity of its own and of local community to deal with risks of MTCT. In doing so, GWLF relies on its partner, Kasese Art Clinics of Health Centres.


The project also employs cultural intervention strategy, method in which the partner ADEMED has a 4 years history, through 3 projects in poor rural areas of Romania.


Site mission is the main implementation tool, to overcome the difficult access of the beneficiaries to the urban health care premises. During mission, GWLF will also test HIV and distribute condoms, to achieve a short term result and use funds efficiently.



The GWLF will set up a basic Mobile HIV Testing and Education Unit (MHTEU), consisting in: i. box of HIV oral tests and condoms, ii. HIV education printed material in cartoons (to overcome illiteracy), iii. a Puppets stage with 4 characters (show will increase the attendance rate) and iv. a tent to shelter the event. The Unit is a small box to be transported by bike. This is a small-scale version of the Mobile Unit used only to test HIV in Rwanda, the proposed one having a puppet show capability.


HEVUKU:  Hiv Education for VUlnerable people in Kasese Uganda

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